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I really started to be a crossdresser a few years ago.  I didn't think that I did do any thing like that when I was young, but now as think back, i did.  I didn't start as young as some of you.  I did try on some of my sister's panties and slips when I was 8 or 9 years old,  and then when I was about 15 I got one of my sister's panties and I found a hid-away in the attic and I have a pad and I would wear them and **** off.  I only tryed on my wife's girdle few times, and came the prostate cancer surgery, and after it I was incontenent, I started wearing large pads and, boy, did they leak.  I started wearing women's stretch satin panties, I sure liked them and before long, that was all I owned, and then the legs started swelling and a internet search show the support hose might help, so I bought men's pantyhose and thigh-hi's, yes they make them for men.  So now I wear panties and pantyhose 24/7.  I, some times wear camis, slips, like I am right now, skirts, and high heels here at home, In the summer I wear women's panties, pantyhose, and women's shorts out the home, and my wife approves and goes with me.  The family knows I wear pantyhose, put not the panties, cami, and shorts.

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Just outside Marion

Im in Dayton. You?

What crossdressing? Crossdressing what? talk to me sweet cheeks.