I Need A Humilating Short Haircut

As a child and teen, my father often took me to his barber and made me get real short boy cuts
I hated being shorn in the chair in front of my father and the other clients. The barber loved treating me this way
I got scissor- and clippercuts and hated it. Crying was forbidden.
Now, at 34, I long for such a humilating treatment again. Any support and friends are welcome. Need exchange and support.
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Hallo :) I have the hair kink also. Hair chat :)

Hi there :) I saw that we share same hair interests! And I'm from Europe as well from Sweden! Would be fun to chat someday! Have a god evening,

Hi. Sounds good. How long is your hair now?

You got it
I am in south Florida
Where are you?

I am your man, inbox me

Dang - our dad's sound very similar. Mine hated long hair on men. My dad would always take me to the barber when I was little & I'd get whatever haircut he told the barber to give me. By the time I reached highschool, he put the responcibility on me. I had managed to grow it out over the ears for the first time. He didn't like it but was cool with it. We got into an argument over something minor, and he then started hammering on my hair. He threw me in the car and off we went - imagine my shock when he pulled up to the barbershop. He walked be in by the arm and we waited. When it was my turn, I refused to get up. He grabbed be by the back of my hair and threw me in the chair and told the barber to give me a high and tight. I couldn't help hold back crying. All my hair being clippered off while the other men in the shop got a nice show. Needless to say, I never backed talked again.

When you look back does it feel exciting thinking about it. How did it feel the have scissors cut your hair so short. getting clipper-ed must feel exciting, I wonder how it would feel to have these things done to me. It all sounds so sexy and exciting , i am too afraid to have it done but if i did i think i would cry too, but i think inside i would be secretly enjoying it too at the same time.

I am your man. You tell me when and where and I will be there to take care of the rest of it for you.

Sometimes we just need understanding.

Wife just called me at work to tell me she was about to go to the barber shop. She said she was going to get a high&tight with the sides and back shaved and a #2 on top first then maybe a #1. I wish I could be there to watch. I can't wait to get home. I'm rock hard now imaging those hungry clippers peeling hair off, leaving nothing but tiny stuble, then the hot lather.and razor leaving nothing behind. I know she is probably soaking wet about now! Damn I'm lucky!

Wow, you are lucky. My wife has short hair but not as short before we were married. Go figure.

love to chat with u !!!!

Would love to be the one wielding those clippers and taking it all off for you. I have a real urge to shear a lady of her locks but only if she wants me to.<br />
Do you think your current urge is because you secretly enjoyed it as a child but didn't realise why and now you want to replay those haircuts and savour it sexually?