Fix My Hair

My hair recently got hacked off and it is a mess can someone cut it for me
lauren1400 lauren1400
18-21, F
15 Responses Sep 7, 2012


I can do it

mssage me

Hi, lauren

hmm like to be u r friend add me please !!

Hot girl, time for a haircut, buzzed you would be pure sex :)
sure its grown longer now :) time for a buzz cut :)

yes...where are you?

Yes i can fix it for you !

Aim in South Florida and I would love to give you a cut of your choice (free)
Where are you located?


I would like to help you out, inbox me

I think a short clip will do the trick maybe a little dye to spice things up!

Well if you've get bald patches the only solution is to shave your head completely bald. Once you experience the vibration of the clippers plowing through your locks and the tingling you'll feel between your thighs followed by a hot towel place on your head, shaving cream applied only to be removed by the razor along with what little stubble that the clippers left behind , you'll crave for it again.

ha,ha,ha dont worry you still look so lovely

allow me dear....

of course..let me just grab my clipp...i mean scissors ;)

would love to help you "straighten it up" short i it now? would you be oppsed to a "clipper cut"? (inbox me)

its full of bald spots