I'm Just Lonely...

Having one great friend means more than a handful of good ones,
But when your bed is empty at night and no one to hold,
A friend can't take the place of a strong, caring man.
A man who can keep you warm when you're cold.

A man whose eyes are there for you to stare into,
to get lost in when your mind needs to escape from the world.
A man who's strong arms can hold you,
to protect you from worries and tells you... "you're my girl".

Someone to be next to when you don't speak a word.
And yet still understands everything in your mind.
The warmth of his touch and the beauty he brings,
You can feel that everything about him is sweet and so kind.

Loving family and caring friends,
are a great part of life and help when they can.
They show their love and will give you their hand,
but a friend just can't take the place of a strong, caring man.

Joyce904 Joyce904
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 29, 2010

you are reading my mind. I need a man like that.

Don't worry.........you'll find another........