My Idea Of A Strong Man.

What does it mean to be a strong man? In my humble opinion, being a strong man is more about the mental state of a man rather than his physic. Being a strong man means being your own man. You aren’t attempting to be someone else. It means doing what you can do today instead of procrastinating, and waiting for tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come. It means not being afraid to express your emotions. Expressing your emotions doesn’t make you less of a man, it makes you human. Being a strong man means handling your responsibilities as a man. Men have many responsibilities, whether you’re married, have children, or you’re a single male preparing for the future. Men carry the weight for a lot more than many of them realize. A strong man understands this and is willing to carry his responsibilities without complaining. A strong man is able to admit his faults, and works to improve himself. He’s willing to love with all of his being, he gives more than he is given, he does things just because, he’s proactive, never reactive. He’s intuitive, attentive, he reads between the lines, he notices the little things that most others don’t think is important.

It’s not impossible to meet this kind of man, he’s out there somewhere, there are many of them out there. I think many of use women make the mistake of trying to take a dog or a lazy ole dude and mold him into a strong man. We know that never works. I pray that my next love is a strong man, he will be.
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hello :)
he will be
you are a strong woman

too many women, (and men), settle for just a piece of clay and try to mold it.