Will It Always Be This Way?

i am really dedicated to my studies and i am also a planner. i plan ahead for everything and make sure that whatever i do will benefit me. but my problem is that no one understands and always wants me to do stuff for them. DO IT YOURSELF I DONT WORK FOR YOU. i will do what i want when i want because this is not one of those things where you get to tell me what to do. see? not even my best friend in the whole world will ever understand what i am going through and how hard it is to not get upset at her when she always tells me "oh you dont need to study or why are you being such a *****?" some people have priorities some dont care. but whatever the case is dont get in my way because i am not going to step aside for you. it ****** me off that people think the world revolves around them. do i have any real friends? i mean, my best friend i know is not just talking to me to get something, she and i up untill this year have never been able to stay mad at eachother or have never really left eachother but lately i dont know if i can manage to deal with her not understanding even though she sayd she does. i cant wait to take the summer away from here and be with my type.
armystrong21harding armystrong21harding
Mar 20, 2012