10 Things My Man Has To Know...

My potential mate for eternity should be capable of accomplishing the following tasks...

1. should know how to cross the street and help me in that as well and never ever leave me behind.
2.should at least wear a white (sexy)shirt once a week for my eyes.
3.should make me coffee/lemonade/tea when i am too tired.
4.should fold my bra and panty sometimes while talking with me at the same time.
5.should discuss news with me.
6.should argue with me sometimes without saying yes to everything i have to say like a spineless man.
7.should be good with kids and should never hate children or i bang his head!
8.watch korean movies with me and kiss me in between and wipe away my tears.
9.should admit that he has a ego and at least try to keep his ego at bay .
10.should kiss me everyday.
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And this is hard for guys to do? The hardest for me would be 8 but that's because I don't speak the language, but love kissing …

all ok....but korean movies?

what you wrote is nice but should not be considered as tasks,cuz when you love someone and he loves you back all those tasks will be done with pleasure ;)

Already taken, but; 1 small but: When one love, it is for the other person, not for oneself, so bettr to make list of what to do for him, not what he shuld for You! Life is never perfect, but that is the idea.

i am going to make a to do list for my guy tonight most probably....now that i have guy with me... :)

And with this attitude You find one in no time :-)

so.....whts the outcome..did u write him a note.wht was his response...<br />
i am asking this so i can be prepared in case some one starts liking me i should be positive in answering.

i am still trying to find the guy! once i get him surely write him a note.

keep us informed.
so present can be sent for the big event..

I haven't heard anything about what you will do to be worthy of all this adulation?

oh...thats a secret! i will treat him like a woman should treat a man.

Great! So then you will;
1. show him deep respect, especially in front of his friends.
2. go get him a cold beer when he's too tired.
3. fix him a nice meal and talk pleasantly to him while you cook.
3. keep his clothes ironed at all times
4. Provide sex willingly when he needs it.
5. Encourage and compliment his projects like a good wife.
6. Greet him cheerfully when he returns from hunting/fishing/camping.
7. Pull off his boots and massage his feet.
8. Give him children.
9. Feed his dogs.
10. NEVER complain, about anything.

ha ha...

1. yeah...i will never bring him down infront of anyone..any issues we solve it between us.
2.i will not get him a cold beer...maybe massage him and get him some juice.
3.fix him awesome meal and talk with him...occasionally smiling at him.
4.i will love to iron his clothes...i love ironing.
5.(you got the numbers wrong!!!) sex is private...if he is sweet he gets what he wants.
6.i will be by his side even if the world is against him as long as he is right.
7.i will greet him with a hot kiss.
8.massage his feet...well will think about it.
9.will have our babies.
10.feed our dog yeah.
11.wont complain...atleast try not to. :)

You win, in my book, Miss! I would have accepted about half that much cooperation and reasonableness. You're on the right track, and some good man will reap the benefits. Were I just a few weeks younger... ;-)

oh! is it? :) thank you!

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lucky is the person who will marry such lovely person with so many expectations.<br />
i dont think the person u expect will ever refuse any of the above beautiful requests.

am i expecting too much ??? :P i will write him a note with these written there...and ask him to read it and tick the things he will like to do. :)

write these to him, the one who is liking you before its too late.because when in love delays should never occur and i am sure he will not only like only these but much more.
best wishes...
my special word tell him today never delay.

I am caperble of doing all you asked however I am now to old to start another relationship,if 20 yrs younger would have jumped!No was not mature enough then!