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I Love Men.

I know I need a man. A strong man by my side. The reason why I love men so much, is safety. When those big, strong arms are around me, I feel invincible. When I feel that warm body so close to me, the world can fall apart and I won't even notice it. When I will look at man and realize that I could be with him forever in desert island, I will know that he is the one.
different33 different33 18-21, F 2 Responses Jul 14, 2012

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I feel the male equivalent in what you describe...I want a girl that I can, in the late hours of the night, pull close and just snuggle up with and unwind from our respective stressors and just enjoy each others' company, simply for the warmth. I just posted the story "Vision for a Special lady" to describe what I'm looking for. <br />
<br />
It is with that in mind that I send up a vibe of fingers crossed for the day we can find a special significant other to snuggle.

I hope you'll find him. :) Just be patient and on the lookout, however some guys ACT that way, don't be fooled! My perfect woman would also be caring and when I hug her, I'd be comfortable and relaxed, even when in a bad mood.

I hope that too :) Yes, I know already from my experience, that guys can be perfect actors. :)

Yeah it sucks when guys and girls do that just to get laid.