I Get Chosen By Losers Alot

Why is that?
Really, men who seem bold,strong,trusting,honorable.....
Then the more they open there mouths,the less you like them.

IFoundYourDiary IFoundYourDiary
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3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

hi friend! You might consider being the CHOSER perhaps, and it is certainly O.K. to move on from any looser.

haha, funny, MusicLover
Di, maybe we have a sign on our backs? lol . There are some sweet guys in this world, i just seem to be a magnet , my friends & family say its because Im so compassionate? You could be , too. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I get the ones that are still living with momma, grandma or another family member because mother doesn't want anything to do with them anymore. No job, no car, no money, nothing to call they're own. And lots of 'cousins'. These are not boys, they are approaching 40 or are 50 years old. I don't understand this way of life. So sad.....