I Need One Man ...

 who will fully understand what I've been through and still remain at my side. I need a man who will hold me even though I may resist at first. Someone to comfort me when I cry, to cuddle me when I need it, to be my friend. A man who will understand why I resist and still cherish me for who he knows I am. I need to be needed in a way that is more than just sexual; I need to be loved. I want a man to love my body despite the fact that it is disabled and scarred. I need a man who is able to look at my scars and see what I have been through, see that I am strong.

missymonkery missymonkery 22-25, F 6 Responses Jan 14, 2010

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speaking as a guy with probable dyspraxia( i have coordination ,balance ,fine motor skills and spatial awarness issues - i probably have dyspraxia)

and somebody with aspergers (high functioning autism)

i get where you are coming from


i hope someone love your body

i like to think as somebody with operation scars on his stomach that there somebody out there who wishes to kiss the scars better and take away the pain and loneliness

hello :)

The scars dont mean you cant be loved.All my scars have meaning and I guess yours will to.Its the story behind the scars that make you who you are.You are young.One day you will be held by a man that loves all of you.A man that will taste your tears and lock them away in his soul.A man that will hold you tight and know god sent him an angel.You be proud of who your are princess.xphil

As my father once said when a female isn't in the highly desirable range via some extra high needs situation gets a man claiming he is prepared to commit to her,

" that the man was either a saint or an idiot (idiot meaning deficits , ulterior motives via his own damage). And unfortunately there are very few saints."

It came up getting a letter from his 35 yo daughter who had 3 kids from prior relationships announcing her engagement. The kids were her obvious handicap.

Suggest you keep that in mind if your determination does access a man who hasn't similar degrees of physical disabilities.You may strike the rare saint or more likely a controlling sadist exploiting your weaknesses.

Most people partner those who are in social terms rated as similar to themselves in appearance and personal strengths.

You want to be accepted for the person you see yourself to be and physical impairments overlooked.

Fair enough.Definitely appropriate expectations societaly and with general friends.

Highly optimistic with a partner while technicaly valid.

Would it be that you are not prepared to do the same with men in paralell situations as yourself?

If not, then why should you feel you ought to be accepted disregarding your physical issues?

Plenty of saints are idiots. Idism is beatiful. Your father mis used the term idiot. The modern term is asbergers syndrome and many Catholic saints probably suffered from it, as do many extreme intellectuals. Maybe when he said idiot he actually meant abusive *******.

You beautiful soul shines through your pleas. So well said you touched my heart. Your a real woman who will find her destiny. Blessings always.

So you want a REALLY good-looking guy (admit it)...

who's psychic.

Yea... good luck with that.

You'll need it.

You horrible ****