She Just Needs A Spanking

I've been reading these books called the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanoich. The main character is a bounty hunter and she has two men in her life (one on/off bf and another guy that she is attracted) Both men are very dominant and always try to tell her what to do. For the most part its to keep her safe, but she is ridiculously stubborn and never listens to them. I'm always thinking "JUST SPANK HER" lol. I really think that it would do the trick. I think i love these books because of how dominant the men are. I get very turned on when reading it. I sometimes wish I could be in her position....but someday I'll find a man to be that strong man to keep me in line  :-p


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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

OK, but back to your story here. You say the characters in Evanovich's book are dominant, but that she is ridiculously stuborn and does not listen to them..... and you might be thinking: "Just spank her".... but in reality that might not go over so well with a person like her? I agree with so much you've said about how the right man can be both dominate and caring, loving, and even attentive..... but there's a whole element here where this works with a woman who can accept and encourage his strength. Just Sayin...:)

you are correct, but I do think more women crave this than want to admit it. Of course, it should be consensual otherwise it would be abusive so by no means do I say just do it without her consent, I just really think it would fit in this story. On a side note I am extremely stubborn, but can definitely change my attitude with a simple smack or even just a simple look :-)

lol well I think all people need special handling because we are all individual and special :-) I just haven't found the right person yet. It might be easy to find a man, but the hard part is finding the RIGHT man lol. Obv I haven't found that person yet, but I know I will eventually :-)