Dominant Catholic Husband Wanted

I am looking for a Catholic man who has his eye on marriage and children. I am submissive and want to be your stay at home wife and be available to your needs, at your will. I have never engaged in domestic discipline but I see where it is important and am open to it. I live in South Carolina but distance is not a big issue.
agape1111 agape1111
31-35, F
5 Responses May 15, 2012

I'm a dominant Catholic man, looking for a sweet, sharp, devoted submissive stay-at-home wife.

i am game..but not catholic

I am a Catholic man that is Dominant. We should talk and see how we fit together. or

I'm not into the whole slave thing. I just want a man who is dominant. I don't want to be abused, I just want a man with a backbone.

u my read My real life stories and tell Me if that what u need or not?