In Search of My Sugar

I love older men, 20, 30 years older than me. I have always loved their wallet and their desire to please me in all ways. Already had a 64 years man in my teens. However I married a man not more than 8 years my senior. I am happy with him, he let's me have all the lovers I want, the more the better our marriage works. But I am missing my sugar daddy, one that would lavish me with cash, cars, travels and jewelry. I need to find one in NYC, and he'll be happy with me, I know how to perform their wishes and fantasies.

UPDATE. Feb 16-
I placed an ad online, looking for a sugardaddy. Got 319 e-mails in just 2 weeks. I have selected 5 favourites. They are 45, 51, 56, 60 and 64 years old. I think I will keep the last three only. They are all very wealthy men, presidents of financial companies in Wall Street. They want a young woman for kinky sex, and in exchange I get thousands of dollars, plus shopping trips, first class airplane tickets, limo with driver, and lots of traveling all over the world. One even own several private planes. I'm so happy, my husband is ok with that. I'm making even more money that he does! My sugardaddies really treat me like a queen, everything I want everything I get, and even more. I think I am living my long time dream. Thought I would share that with other people. Yes, they are all married, and so am I, so it works just fine for us.

UPDATE.March 24-

Just to answer to some of the comments below, I'd like to say that this is neither wrong nor prostitution. I'm married to a high ranked executive in the financial industry, I have a graduate degree and have worked for several well-know financial institutions myself. I go out with older guys because it's really exciting to me. My husband knows what I do, and have accepted it. Now, who doesn't like to travel first class? Or to dine and wine at exclusive places? Or to be pampered and spoiled? We all do, and I'm not exception. I'm absolutely in love with my husband and he's just wonderful to me, but there is something inside of me, that get the thrills by seeing other men outside the marriage. All these guys just want to have fun with a beautiful, sexy, young women like me. I have lots of fun too. So we are not hurting anybody, we are all adults. I have had sugar daddies since my teens. I love kinky sex and older guys are always experienced, full of ideas and open to let me experiment. Sex is great, being treated like a Goddess is wonderful and to feel desired by everyone around me is something I love.

So girls, get yourself a sugar daddy, believe it or not, there are so many guys who want to be sugar daddies, way more than one may think. They are willing to pay for everything you wish, they just want to be with a beautiful woman and have great sex.  Is there anything wrong in that exchange? I'm having a heck of a time.


March 27th.

Have just returned from two weeks vacation in Europe with my husband, and have  a full agenda this week. Got 5 different dates to meet in four days. Sometimes I meet several in one day. It's fun, but can be a bit overwhelming. I went to to have my brazilian wax done yesterday, and the woman who applied it said, I was irritated, having too much sex. I didn't even know, one could tell by just looking at it.

Today I'm attending a "very private cocktail party" in a Loft in Soho. It'll be my first time there. It's a party sponsored by twenty rich and powerful business men from NY, to meet and mingle with another twenty girls. I was one of the few that was recruited on line, based on beauty and education. We, the girls, have no idea, who will be there, just that these men are extremely wealthy and have paid EACH $10'000 dollars for this cocktail party. They paid for the entire thing, just to get to know 20 girls in 3 hours. I'm eager to see how it works and who will be there tonight. There will be security guards at the door, screening every one, no cameras, videos, mobile phones, etc are allowed. The girls don't pay a cent, we just have to show up looking beautiful for these guys.

There is nothing more exciting for a woman that loves sex, that to lead an active sexual life with different lovers, who will pay thousand of dollars to have access to your body every now and then.



It's been a while since I last updated this post. One of the many sugar daddies I was hanging out with began to demand more and more time with me. This was a guy I really liked from the moment I met him but I didn't want to become attached to him or any of the other guys. He pursued me relentlessly for months until he finally got my attention and we become emotionally involved. He knew all too well I was seeing other sugar daddies, going to bed with them the same day I was meeting him, and that made him even more determined to make me "his" exclusively. He was the CEO of a Wall Street company and offered me a job there, something for which I had no interest or experience, but it was a good position and would look goof on my CV later on. So I started to work for him at Wall Street. It was hot. During the day, he was my boss. At night, I was the object of his desire and his sex toy. Together, we did all kind of sexual explorations, many times with other people involved, people of both sexes. There were no limits and it was addictive. The more we did, the more and further we wanted to go.

He is obviously a wealthy man, so my closet is full of Hermes, Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutins, Manolo Blahniks, French lingerie, and the like. He pays for my exclusive spa treatments, top hairdressers, Apple gadgets, dinners at the most upscale and exclusive restaurants and nightclubs. But after this time, I miss having more than one sugar daddy with me. I guess I'm becoming bored with him and sex is not as satisfying and it once was.

So I am open and available to meet new guys and have fun and great sex. I think it is best to hang out with more than one sugar daddy and to not become emotionally involved with any of them, because this type of relationships are doomed from the start. So just live for the moment and enjoy it when it comes and while it lasts.

I love being in bed with older men, just to see the lust in their eyes when they see me naked turns me on, how they can't keep their hands and eyes off me in public, is hot. It's not for the money, I truly enjoy sex with older guys.

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where did you post????I am from Pittsburgh and its so hard to find them around here

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I only date older guys because they are nicer, give better presents and don't behave like idiots. I think i will always only be with older guys.

What happened to your husband? I can't believe your husband doesn't care about you?

so jealous you husband lets you explore this site of you, although I love him so so much, there is always the need for the fantasy... he would never forgive me if he knew I did this before and after we got married.

If you like models and Dominatrix's I'm your girl- ;)


are you sure you want one sweetheart? i'm telling you the sugar can complicate def did for kind of gets " addictive" get spoiled and then you wont automatically be interested in a man who can't spoil you. hang around in places where the wealthy gather? bars, clubs, look pretty, and be open. volunteer work helps too. also if you want you can try online places such as craigslist or website that encourage sugar daddy/baby relationships. be careful though hun and be safe!

I want a sugardaddy, I have a college degree, still studying for more, curvy and exotic, where do I get one?

just recently experienced this. i met an older man, in his forties. he paid for transportation to his house, spoiled me rotten. girls, the only thing i ask you to beware of is when your sugar daddy wants a relationship with you. i personally believe that relationships can work in sugar daddy/ baby can be very confusing. honestly when youre trying to have a relationship that consists of substance...the sugar can spoil the water if you know what i mean...

so it's more just an exchange of money/goods for sex?

the only question ihave is where did you post your ad up?

I love being with older guys too. Do you put headshots on your profiles or just sexy body shots? I have been in two such arrangements and miss it. I am looking for my third.

Young Females finding an older man to satisfy them through gifts and funds is as natural as the birds and the bees. It makes perfect sense and if you disagree then you're not being honest with nature. <br />
<br />
As an older guy (45), I don't want to marry a young girl (18-24) but having them on my arm or in my bed sounds like a good deal, no strings.<br />
<br />
For the young female this older man can provide comfort and benefits a boy her age can't match, no strings. <br />
<br />
The experience, if the man is decent, will be enjoyable and hopefully unforgettable for her. She will experience things a younger men haven't yet mastered AND will be showered with material gifts that same younger man can't match for years to come.<br />
<br />
Where ever your morals land, it makes perfect sense if you consider nature and life’s circumstances.

Hi<br />
If I may ask,where did you find such great sugar daddies?<br />
I've been looking for 2 months now and have yet to find a really good match...

So basically, you're hooking?

Type your comment here...

Yes they say you are better off being an old mans darling than a young mans slave...I had a suger daddy for a while but although I genuinely liked him I wasnt all that comfy with the bed thing,anyway his family interfered and put an end to it all, even though they never bothered with him themselves. He was very lonely so it was a shame.

To Neur0ticism: You don't need a perfect body to find a rich man that wants to spoil you, you need just the right attitude and be at the right place at the right time. Get some nice pictures and post an ad online, on one of these websites to find a millionaire or a sugardaddy, and they (they guys) will come to you.

I wish I had the body to do that with. That sounds oddly pleasing.

There are thousands are UK wealthy, rich guys out there. Looking for their sugar baby to pamper, take them to expensive restaurants and showering them with gifts. Why settle for an ordinary dating site, when you can date someone successful, ambitious and no what he wants out of life instead. Some of the finer things include: acrylic nails, getting their hair done, the spa, dinners at 5 star quality restaurants, holidays, designer clothing, expensive jewelry, etc. <br />
<br />
If you live in the UK a great place to start looking for your sugar daddy is at<br />
<br />
Good Luck