Am I Not Pretty Enough To Have A Sugar Daddy?

I have joined all the sugardaddy sites and still cant find one, Im not sure if im sugar daddy material! Help ladies!!
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18-21, F
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Looking online is difficult. Actually it may be easier to meet one in person. You want to go for older men your dad's or your granda's age. That's where the money is at. They are more secure with themselves and don't mind giving women money! It seems kinda gross to some people but how I got outta that, every old guy I saw I imagine making love to him. After a while the thought didn't bother me. What men in general look for is confidence, and a happy/outgoing personality, at least the good ones any. You have to be confident in yourself. Girl you are way beautiful yet charm outshines beauty. Also, always know what type of man you want to spend time with and if you're compatible. Know what you want, be realistic and don't settle for more than what you're worth, literally and figuratively. Know when to walk away. I suggest reading a book by Baje Fletcher, Holly Hill, Tariq Nasheed, Ginnie Sayles, and anything else you can get ur hands on.

Thank you so much!! The most help I have had in a long time! :)

Haha :) Yeah i could understand! What do you look for in SB?

Exactly! The money does sound good don't get me wrong but I like the thought of being with someone older that is experienced and out of the boy stage. I also like the name sugar daddy lol it sound pretty hot :) Hehe I want to have an active sex life but also go out and do things. The feeling of having a relationship with a successful man drives me crazy! ( in a good way) I want a SD for more reasons than just financial security :) i'm still looking but I got a feeling he's right around the corner ;)

I can tell you why I don't have a sugarbaby. (yet)<br />
<br />
- Unrealistic expectations ie. "put me on $5000 a month allowance after we've only been together one time."<br />
- Lying.<br />
- Demanding more time than I have. (If I wanted a wife, I wouldn't be a sugardaddy)<br />
- Hurt feelings because I didn't email enough, call enough, etc.<br />
- Lying about sexual compatibility. (some woman will claim they like anything I like then try to fake it) <br />
- A basic misunderstanding of the SD relationship. (hint: It's not a boyfriend or a husband)