Been Thinking About It

I'm extremely independent and self-sufficient. Starting to think that's why I'm single....i know men like to feel needed in a relationship for it to be successful.

My last emotional lover wanted to shower me in gifts, trips, even wanted to give me a credit card. I pushed all that away. Anything I want or need I get for myself. Now I think I was being shallow, stubborn, selfish.....I took away his opportunity for happiness.

I met someone new. He is smart, sweet, successful, and very dominant - all qualities I admire. He is already offering me gifts, trips, etc, and we've only met once. This 'cougar' is changing her stripes; I'm going to be more accepting of what my lovers offer. The idea of letting a man take care of my needs intrigues me. So bring it, jewels, furs, trips, flowers, cars, expensive shoes, whatever! It isn't as if what I bring to the relationship will change because I accept gifts. ;)
sassyg1rl sassyg1rl
46-50, F
Jun 14, 2012