I Would Love A Sugar Daddy, But....

So I'm not opposed to a sugar daddy. I actually kinda like the idea especially because for a guy to be a sugar daddy he (typically) has accomplished something and hard working, determined, confident, etc. All very attractive qualities. My problem is that I am in a long term relationship and I love my boyfriend and don't want to break up. So I know that puts an end to my search. I just wish that someone would want to help me out financially here and there for online companionship. I know that kind of thing doesn't happen though. No one gives a pretty girl money just for talking to them online... I'm in school to be a NP so I have about a mortgage worth of school loans to pay off in a year so that will be fun.... living on financial aid doesn't really help either. I love the finer things in life.. travel, wine, food, clothes, shoes.... I know I will be able to afford nice things once I'm finally on my way with my career it's just I want nice things now, I want to be spoiled, is that so bad? Maybe.
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You might be a great sd, Wayne, but I'd say generally sd don't like to be second violin. I do expect a sb to be single and remaining so while I'm the provider. Otherwise I would feel I'm paying for the other guy (a.k.a., a pimp). By the way, to me a sb is way more than a sexual partner!

Don't think for a second that having a boyfriend means you can't be a sugar baby. Most of my sugar babies have had bf's and some have even had gf's while I was their daddy. In fact, with one of my favorite girls we spent a significant amount of time talking about her boyfriend during our time together (when we were not engaged in sexual activities). You are probably calling her a ***** in your head now but the truth is she's a fantastic girl (who now has a college degree thanks to me). And it's easy to find a sugar daddy, I can show you where to look. (i've been a sd for 10 years). The hard part will be to find a way keep him. I can help with that too.

ok, help me find one and keep him. I fell in love with my ex sd, but it went all wrong.

Please, of course.