Sugar Baby Turned Mistress


Couldn't resist posting here. Geesh how come the title couldn't be I "Want" a Sugar Daddy? But anyway, that's My hang up since I don't need s**t--I want it! :)

Anyway, I actually had several SugarDaddys a few years ago. Haha I dumped the rest and kept one. I decided to keep him around because he was much older(which I like), divorced and an emptyty nester; in other words lonely. He will DO ANYTHING for Me. We're like friends too so the situation is much different now since I've grown up--a little :). Of course having a Sugardaddy had it's pro's and con's. Pro's are obvious trips, clothes, jewelry, cars, cash etc. and con's...yes there can be but each person's situation is different.

There's such a fine line on how the world views a relationship with a Sugardaddy. I read a headline some where on EP that asked what was the difference between a Sugar Daddy and a John hahaha...too me there isn't! But again everything is subjective.

The bottomline for Me was control; which I wanted. Not partial, 100% control! I couldn't believe what men would do to win the attention of a young pretty girl!! I don't care if the Sugar Daddy is 30ish or 70ish; the motive is the same but the "price" they are wiling to pay is different.

When I say "price" it doesn't mean monetary all of the time. Just like sex doesn't necessarily mean intercourse; see what I mean? The price could be lying to their spouse of where they've been, having dinner or shopping at establishments close to home etc. Either way a price is being paid directly or indirectly.

The biggest challenge is how do you get the 'booty" without giving up your booty! Men usually expect something in return for their acts of generosity; rightfully so but it "sometimes" can go beyond being arm candy. But how many young smoking hot bodied SugarDaddy's are out there that IF we ran into this situation that we would willingly give a sample of our candy? Hardly any!! And they know it; which is why they're willing to pay the price. Come on guys, admit it and stop fighting it.

I'm very pleasing to eye and it was obvious that they wanted more than just "company".. especially since they were constantly lavishing Me with gifts. I always tried to figure how do I get while the going is good, but not give "it" up. It was tough because men don't want to feel like they're being used or played (not even you)eventhough they know what type of arrangement it is--hahaha just like an alcoholic doesn't like to be called one. So just keeping it real, I bit the bullet a few times and didn't like it at ALL!

The bottomline is, in My experience, these men are insecure no matter how hard they try to keep up appearances that they're confident and in control. When in fact it's the opposite, the Beauty is in control. She is the prize becauseShe has the "booty"; that's why they pay--every time! It proves that p****y is POWER! Has been since the dawn of time and will ALWAYS be! So since I knew that We naturally posess what they ultimately want, and will JUMP THROUGH HOOPS to get it.. ding ding ding the bells went off and it all added up!

Our math is simple P****Y=Powerful Controll! Their math Money+Power+Control= P***y. I prefer Our math :)! Being a Dominant Mistress allows Me to get all the spoils that a sub oops,I mean "SugarDaddy", gives to his Beauty. However, I don't have to be in his company all of the time unless I choose to. I have them break their nuts to earn this priviledge. Subs know they are insecure and subservient. They're not in denial, they love being under a Mistress's control. As a result they get whatever attention they seek from that pretty girl. Funny things is the more macho they "try" to be the more weak I know they truly are!

It was cool having SugarDaddys--I've actually kept one; I refer to him as My 60ish cashcow! You can read about him in some of My EP stories and on My blog. However, I respect limits and the confidentiality of My subs since trust is very important. My pets spoil Me rotten and in return I give them treats--I make sure it's a win win. I LOVE being a Mistress :)
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Well you are a goddess and men will do what you say just to kiss your feet

Very true but not all y chromosomes get that priviledge but they'll jump through hoops to get the chance. I just love dog and pony shows hahaha!

Muse be nice to be the queen


I bow to your will

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I don't mean to brag but I'm AWESOME! My blog is the proof ;)