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Im like an magnet to older men. They just understand me and I compliment them so well. I don't know if its because Im just a relatable person or because I have an old soul, but I enjoy it.  I am a social, fun, attractive, young loving woman. I want sugar daddy to hangout and travel with and positive friend who has interest in fun, business and pleasure. I am willing to build a foundation for a future relationship in a direction we both agree on. I want someone to be open into  helping me gain my full potential. In return I will show my appreciation, be loyal, and be a overall promising friend. Im a college student, a freelance online marketer and virtual assistance looking for financial support, a MAN, fun, good company and an understanding we both understand. I would like a chance to be spoiled and I can do the same back.  I will admit I feel like I deserve a good time, nice things, and a mans presence and Im not ashamed of it or thanking you for it.  If you are interested message me.  Im a very open person, lets discuss it. 
msotown23 msotown23
26-30, F
3 Responses May 2, 2013

What country are you in?

Add me. :)

message me bout it. :)