It Would Be a Good Night

I like tequila with lime, I like men too, put the two together and I'm a happy woman.  

I'm already looking forward to this weekend and hopefully having all three...this week couldn't go by any slower.  One of my friends works at a bar here, and after his lucky self gets back from Mardi Gras in NOLA, I'm going to find a friend and head over to where he works and down a couple shots.  Or maybe we'll just go to another friend's place and drink there.  Who knows =)  This kind of thing gets planned out only hours before we actually go do what we're wanting to go do

yoyy yoyy
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11 Responses Feb 23, 2009

aw, let's go find some tequila limes and cute men x

That makes two of us!!!

my neighbour borrowed my limes

I got a lime

Got the tequila and lime. I have the time. Unfortunately I am old and ugly. oh well. If you want an old, ugly guy to drink with, give me a call. I will bring the booze.

awww singer, your daughter's lucky! :P

My daughter would never call that a plan....Just a nightly thing....hehehehe<br />
<br />
But she sticks with beer right now....and her Hubbie....he likes her better that way....hehehehehe

thank you DD x

hehe yeah flour it sounds like a good plan

best of luck...DD

sounds like a real plan girl!