I Have A Notebook Though!

I write most things down ... this has been both a strength and a downfall ...

A strength in the sense that it helps me to remember stuff ... and it also helps me to build on ideas too and track thoughts ...

But sometimes it's caused me a lot of trouble ... (see also my story about "I know it's not a good idea to read other people's diaries" !!!).

I doubt I'll ever stop making a note of thoughts and ideas as I go along ... but maybe a vault would be good so that the wrong people don't get the chance to read them!
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One of my problems is that I conjure up poetry in my sleep . Then I can never remember it in the morning. I need a notebook that is thought controlled. :)

Oh I've done that lots of times ... the trick is to keep a notebook by the bed ... no ... wait ... I've done that ... that's where the trouble started!!

Lol. And I would wake up completely! I also take a lot of notes and then forget where I put them! It must be age..lol

I always write stuff down.......... then forget where I put it. ;-p

well that's simple to resolve! just keep a note in another notebook of where you put the first notebook ... :D

Oh way too confusing.

I write stuff down constantly.... It does help me put things in better perspective and work thru certain issues too. Hubs would be the only one to read it and I don't mind. if I am aggravated at him, his reading my thoughts on it sometimes helps him understand too. I wouldn't want anyone else seeing a lot of it tho..... :O

writing stuff down definitely straightens it out in my head. thanks for commenting hon. :)

I was never a diary type of person, but I do find the need (especially as time progresses) to write things down - just so I can remember them...

I do think it's important to write things down ... even just a note of events or a date of something memorable. I don't have a great memory for such things and I admire people who do ... my ex could remember many dates and details that I'd long forgotten ...

Oh. The thought of another getting to see inside my mind like that. :/ I wouldn't deal with that very well at all... I have passes on my phone & iPad so all my 'notes' stay just mine until I'm ready to share them.

oh I do the online and phone thing as well .. but I like to put pen to paper too ... which is where my security system sometimes fails!


yes indeed yikes ... couldn't have expressed it better!!l


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