They're Not Nice

In all the years of my life i have been through tough challenges but this one rocks me the best...

last year i have been through a tough position having people around me talk behind my backs.. i'm not gonna say why coz it's just pretty dramatic (i did nothing wrong people are just a real racist, and neither am black american but just because a part of my body and no i'm not handicap) that issue got off so well that even people i don't know knew about it!! it was summer that i left all those drama behind school

well this year was rockier!!
at first of course it was a little bit irritating since the drama "is still on" a little, but it disappeared few little times. my first problem was with my best friends, lost one because she wasn't always with me and the other i have to share to someone. (let's call her stephanie)
that really teared me up coz i have no one to be with!! stephanie is always with someone else.... so later on things cheered up a bit i have almost all of my classmates as friends and have nice time with them probably laughing all the time i was even friends with the guys. i also getting closely with my past besty ...but then i slowly loose them, why coz of some mistakes...

i suddenly talk baddly of one person, and then he/she took it to seriously. he/she started to talk about some sh*t behind my back. making some stuffs up!! really bad stuffs, now most of my classmates are avoiding me... it's totally sad. coz it's like hundreds of people are throwing you? (do you get that feeling?) like you're not wanted? then when you go home you have to pretend that everything's alright. anyways he/she i've sinned to have also sinned to me many times but since i'm not the kindof person to hold a grudge i always forgave them. now he and some of my literally "devilish" classmates are ganging up on me. making some sh*t up. and the "fake" aura is so around when i talk to them!!

and those "devilish" classmates have sinned to me for like a hundred times!! but what did i do? nothing but good things. they do something wrong i just say "ok" now it's really hard. because i've sinned once now it's turning like i've sinned all of em. i'm like what the hell? i'm having problems with social, studies, family, finance i feel like i'm carrying the whole world at such a young age
sora06ru sora06ru
Sep 1, 2011