I Need A Way Out The Cave

I need a way out of this. Whenever I take a step forward in this life something pushes my foot away and I stumble three steps. It is like something is telling me that this is not for me. I feel that way everytime I see a car pass me by, people walking the streets talking and having a good time, buildings I pass and the people coming through it, and all the people content with such a dull and unknowing life. I believe there is more to this than anyone else here sees. I believe that there is more than meets the eye. This life is like the story, "Allegory in the Cave" by Plato. It is about these people who are imprisoned in a cave and chained to look at a wall. They look at the wall and see shadows moving and creating images for them to look at. They are not even knowing that the shadows are coming from the people behind them. One day someone breaks free of the chains and looks around seeing that there is more to the world than what they are allowing you to see. He turns to someone else trying to tell them that there is more, but the person won't listen, being content with what they see. He escapes the cave and heads outdoors to see a bigger world then what he is use to. the light of the sun blinds him at first as he is use to the dark. After a moment to adjust to the new light he looks around and sees the vast world and so much he has not explored and moves in it. I feel like I have broken free from the chains, but some one closed the gates and locked them, stopping anyone from getting out. I have opened my eyes to see what else there is to explore, but I can't be free from the inside. I need help to escape, but only the ones who knows of the outside world can do so. I need a way out of the cave as I am done looking at shadows and living a false life that was never meant for me. I am losing it and don't know what else to do. If it wasn't for my moral to not give up I would of killed myself by now, but I know the answer to my escape is around somewhere so I can't give up. I know that I can't do it alone either, but alone is what I am as no one around here sees what I see nor do they want to. They are content living in the cave and staring at shadows all day. I would even fight death itself to get to the otherside of the door and become part of a new life. That is my determination.

Inugami Inugami
18-21, M
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I truly appreciate your analogy.<br />
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I see the present and potential of originality, liberty, and peace in you by the reflection subtly expressed in your words. If you believe that there is a way I could help you out of the cave and out into a meaningful and beautiful world, I offer my hand of friendship to you. I pray that you find your purpose in life. Nothing is by accident. You are made for something great; not by the world's standard, but rather, what you are designed for. You have great worth. The helping hand of a kindred spirit resounds success throughout the imprints of life. We are never truly alone, but a wise friend can help fight the illusion of loneliness and many struggles that surface in life. Be blessed, friend!

exactly ^^

I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks this way.

Amazing. I can relate to this so much that it almost sounds like something I would write.