Meet Me At the Gym

I need someone to meet me at the gym, so I go on a regular basis.  For some odd reason, I don't like doing much of anything by myself.  I currently am not a member of a gym, but if I had a support group or workout buddy, I'd go.  I gain so much energy from the presence of other people.  Just having someone else there, working on a common goal, would make me ridiculously enthusiastic.  I currently get my exercise by going on family walks with our puppy, but I need strength training.  Is anyone else out there in the same boat?
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41-45, F
1 Response May 12, 2007

I workout 4 to 5 times a week. You will find that work out buddies never work out. I must have been through a 100 of them by now. At first their intentions are good but they never seem to stay on the same track you are on. Your best bet is create your own regime and roll with that. You will meet buddies at the gym almost everyday.<br />
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What are you trying to accomplish? Weight loss, Strength training, Cardio? I have some pretty good methods if your looking for help.