I Need A Writing Buddy!

I have just finished a novel that I'm self publishing. I'm looking for someone to read my book and view it like any other reader. You must be 18 years old and older because it is Adult fiction. Its a mix-genre that features fantasy, erotica, crime, and religion. I'm looking for two types of writing buddies. First, is the reader. Someone who will read through the book and let me know what he or she thinks about it overall. Secondly, is the editor. Someone that will let me know what they think about my plots, settings, and sentence structure. I plan to have my first ebook published between January and February. In return I will also swap reads and edits with you. I am a full time college student studying English and Journalism. I have been writing since I was 12. My strongest suit is spelling. My weakest suit is plot only when my stories become to long. Each of my book series features each story around 40,000 word Novellas and ends with a cliff hanger.
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Hi, you still looking for a writing buddy?
I'm not an editor but I'd read your story and give you my opinion,
And if u want I'll share what I've written.till now.

I would be be happy to be the editor/reader. I'm 14 but I have written around 20+ little story's and I think there not bad.