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 Ah, Gertrude Stein.


There's something both uplifting and frustrating about stumbling through a Gertrude Stein piece. Yes, it's nonsensical, sometimes to an irritating extent. But it's like some kind of sea glass windchime, the sounds and the images and the playful feeling. Interacting with life, taking words and feelings and turning them into something else.

I'm not a scholar, I just like to see someone breaking the rules. It frees me to do the same, though in my own way, of course.

PROMPT: For poetry: Read some Gertrude Stein. Write a poem in which you imitate or invert, praise or decry her methods.

PROMPT: For fiction: What do your main characters like to read? Poetry? Feminist Lit? Or do they hate that sh*t?

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1 Response Jun 13, 2008

and here's something i scribbled out in response to these thoughts:<br />
<br />
"Gertrude Stein Thinking"<br />
<br />
We've been here before. I have<br />
mastered the thick-skin swing of minute<br />
by minute joyous silence - In looking at a day<br />
where you and I shall weave<br />
no baskets<br />
sing no songs, because, to me,<br />
you are a recurring dream in which I behave<br />
silly, regressive, insectoid, table-laden with<br />
my hangups. <br />
Call for your h*sh pipe, o Queen; the bee knows<br />
where the flowers are <br />
in this canonical map of time. <br />
Your words strike the hour.