About Me,

I want to see life from a different perspective. It is very fun, but I know that if I could learn a new skill like knitting, or even taking better pictures it would be meaningful. The most adventurous thing in life to me is getting to know other people. I like to learn about them, and I like to share things about me with them. It is a lot of fun to me. People are fun to watch. I have always wanted to be a tennis player as an example. What I do is funny, I take the ball and I throw it an hit it up in the air. I enjoy doing that, I try not to drop it, it is neat. I also like to drive on occasion and just listen to music. I write music as well. That brings out a lot of things the way I see them. I see a lot of things in thoughts or dreams. Usually that is how I notice what's going on around me. I write quite a bit too.
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22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012