Advice Please!!!! My Parents Have Nothing To Do With Me!!!

I am A 29 year old mother married to a wonderful man. I am a paramedic but was forced to retire on disability due to a non-surgical back injury, I was placed on high powered pain medicine which I eventually became dependent on. After kicking that habit, my sister (who in my parents eyes is the perfect daughter and has given them the perfect granddaughter) have had NOTHING to do with me. They don't call me and they never pick up the phone to see how their 10 year old grandson is. Its like we don't exist anymore. I don't call them and they NEVER call me. They have actually told me they are happy when I don't show up to family functions. My mother in law, brother in law and sister in law act like the only people they care to see when we visit is my son and my husband. Its like I don't exist to them either. I swear if it wouldn't be so hard on my son and husband I would have killed myself 2 years ago when all this started. I need someone that can relate to me to respond and give me some advice or atleast some words of encouragement. Has this happened to anyone else????
SummerJ SummerJ
1 Response May 12, 2012

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