I Need Advice Now

My nephew came round to mine tonight to paint his nannas fence.I was sitting upstairs in my room having a drink. When he had finnished he asked if he could have a drink with me. Like a fool i said yes.( hes only 16) I being wrapped up in my own world i did not notice how much he was drinking. Now he is lying on my floor abosolutley wrected.. What should i do?He needs to be in the house very soon. Should i phone my sister and tell her im sorry but ive got her son drunk and send him home in a taxi.. I know his facebook account number and have just been on Facebook pretending to be him and asking if i can stay at a friends his mam was on line and said yes but she wants him to go home first to get her a loaf of bread from the shop. What she needs bread for this time of the night i dont know. What should i do? any advice would be good.. cant let him go home i dont think he would make it to the bottom of the strreet wont let him out of my site anyway. please help any advice would be good/. I know ive been foolish but we all make mistakes.
Coronzon666 Coronzon666
46-50, M
Jul 27, 2010