I need help
So I just moved up to my dads house and on the first day of school I meet this guy ~B.J.~ who just instantly talked to me like we had known each other before, but he kinda knew I was new. This was last Wednesday in biology. So we talked for a couple of days, started a poke war an just messing around. People in class make fun of us saying we are flirting and we need to keep it "pg" an just being weird like that.
Over the weekend after I gave my number to him I noticed something: he was kindof flirty. But he was being flirty with me. This is all new for me. An so I go along an play it cool. Then today after school I was talking to his friend Laynie and she said he acts like he actually likes me back cuz I told her I kinda liked him. But she warned me about how sometimes he was "unable to pick what he wants an doesn't know what he wants or what to do" kindof things, I don't remember the word she used haha. But it doesn't bug me cuz it's just a fault he may have that I can probably get used of, I've seen an had worse I mean.
I do like him, an ya it's clear now even tonight that he likes me, so I'm not sure what to do exactly. Should we try to go out or admit to each other that we like each other? Or should I wait for a while still an get more closer with him? We are kindof close in a way but like we still in ways don't know each other, so I mean, I just need help haha /-
Any advice? Thanks! :)
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talk to him and ask question