I have finally been able to move and forget the fact that he's screwed me over one too many times .But the hardest part is , I'm too scared to let anyone else in. I like this guy now but I'm so scared that he is gonna hurt me I don't wanna let him know . We always see each other but I'm starting to keep my distance . It sucks 'cause I know that he isn't wanting to hurt me but for some reason I'm still too scared to let him know I like him :/
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Love is the strangest thing in life. You can't control it, you cannot stop it. It just happens, but real love is sharing and joining with people that love you!

I reality you are scared to let someone in and that fear is healthy but you can not let it rule your life. It just makes you more aware of what is going on in your relationship. Use that fear to protect your heart and let this person earn your trust but don't push him away. Don't let someone else's mistake in a past relationship affect your current one. This person is totally different and may have a different set of values, morals, ethics and how he view a relationship.

thank you, that actually helped a lot.

I understand your fears, but don't let fear control your life, if you see a chance take it, even if he screws you over, you won't know until you try, he could be your perfect partner, are you willing to risk that?

Sometimes I think I am but other times I am too scared to even think about it .

I see... But remember, when there's a chance take it. :) Even if you are scared.

I did, It didn't really help much .

I'm not saying every chance you take is good, but you'll never know unless you take them, if you really want something you can either choose to be safe and never take any chances and risks but you're safe, or you can take chances and risks, burn your *** a few times but then get what you desire.

This is all I can say to you, the rest is up to you.

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