Need Advice!! Please.

Okay. Im 17 years old me & my boyfriend have been dating for over year. We recently just broke up about 6 days ago. We broke up because i broke up with him over something stupid ( this was last friday ) the next day i tried to call him and talk to him but he decided he didn't want to get back together. We have problem of arguing, we would argue all the time but it was over stupid things that i would start. We would break up & get back together and it wasnt good. He tells me now that he needs timefor him and time for him to think. I want him back, so bad and i wanna fix the arguing but he told me righy now he didnt believe that i would change yet. He told me he didnt know if he was gonna get back with me and it makes me so sad, he still tells me he loves me and.cares about me. What should i do
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

im 19 and ex/bf is 25. we r similar to u n ur bf in the sense that we break up n then get back together but our reason 4 breaking up is the fact he thinks im too smothering n he is grown he doesnt need that. He tells me the same things i love u,i care about u, i want to marry u etc. But now we arnt tlkin he is purposely ignoring me n being a major a**hole. But he said something, he said give me my space n let me think about. Men usually have a different mind set from us females. They usually need their space and their long a** time to reflect about the situation. the best advice i can give u is that u give him his space, TRUST ME IT HURTS I TRY EVERY NIGHT AT THE FACT THAT WE HAVNT SPOKEN IN WEEKS R A FEW DAYS. But it will work out, while ur giving him his time assure with text msgs like i hope u have a great day,im still going to b here 4 u things like that. So that our men wont fell like we have abandoned them even tho thats what they r doing to us.