Don't Know What To Do!

Okay I wanna knoe y my Gf wants I'm confused Monday wus our anniversary we been dating for 1 year n 4 months I am her first & I'm also her longest relationship, I went to surprise her the next day n she didn't felt durprised n was acting a lil weird around her friends so I jus stood a while n left then I see her at nite took her home n stuff then started telling her tht wat wus she told mi nothin but knowing her she did had sumthin wrong but didn't want to tell mii at all so I got mad n said ways wrong again n she said jus said your annoying n stuff so I felt like let mi jus leave her alone n I did dropped her off she sends mi a txt tht she saying tht she dnt knoe if this what she wants I got scared n told her y not so we jus goin to break up n jus call it quits after so long im thinking there is sumbody else in this between us she told mii there wusnt anybody else!!! Tht she Loves mi and always will! And she doesn't want to finish forever. But she didn't want a break cuz she dnt trust tht but she didn't wanted a break up either. She jus wanted space for her n her only..... So I respected n gave it to her, idk wat to do anymore I'm scared n probably feel like I lost her need help!!? Btw idk but she wus on her mood swing but idk if tht wus tht or it wus her
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Jan 12, 2013