Help! Please Tell Me What This Might Mean..please

I recently got into a disagreement with this guy Im with and he posted on his facebook a status that read..

"Im a flower, with pedels, she loves me she loves me not."

Then he got a replay from a guy friend that poked fun stating..

"ur about to get blocked..tuff guy"

He Replied..
"shes ripping the pedels off me..."

Please help..what does he mean..
klimmos1 klimmos1
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

i would call..i just dont feel like taking about our disagreement again..I kinda want to wait till we are face to face..(we work different shifts and hard to talk at work) just wanted an opinion on what does he mean by what he said or how should i take take it cuz i m just having a hard time making sense of it and i just keep thinking/over thinking it. your opinion would be nice..thank you

Call him up and ask him since there's no point in guessing.