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Hi so.I've been married for over 3 years and with hun for almost 6. We have a son he is 5. We went threw the first year happy after that and our son was born. Life changed..I got sick and he became resentful of me. I carryed on as a good wife we tryed. We seperated in March of 1012. In the months apart he got another girl pregnant and we got back together in November is 2012. I forgave him was easy for me cause I love him and I know he dident mean to get her pregnant and I'm taking this new baby as a blessing to our son. Anyway thing started off great and now he says he wants to just be friends and he doesn't love me anymore..this is hard for me to believe because I may talk about the bad there is so much good. He is my husband and I love him and I wanna make this work but it takes 2. He told me today he wants our discourse to go threw and I agreed. He told me he wants to try but slow and as friends..girlfriend and boyfriend all over again and see if it works..he leaves for a job that makes it so I won't see him for 4 months at a time..can I trust him and his word that he does wanna make this work and that he is trying? Or he is truig not to hurt me ? I'm so lost! He also said he feels lost. I think he loves me but i m lost .plz help
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He meant wat he said. He don't love u anymore. And from the time he had other women pregnant that should have tell u something. I suggest you give it a try. Just a month if nothing is warming up then leave him. Cuz I no it will hurt but u have too. Do wat is the right thing for you.