So this guy had a girlfriend & led me on, but then pushed me away. I found out they dated for 3 years. What I don't get is why approach me? If you obviously Love her like I don't get why men or anyone would do this, why do you think he did it? To get sum but why would he want to cheat then get scared or what? Doesn't make sense.
Have any of you been in a similar situation? Please feedback
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Read my story ?

Why? Loll

Well it kinda relates

Which one ?

I believe it's I've been cheated on

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Don't try to understand it because there's nothing to really understand. He did it because he wanted to there is nothing too complex about it. He did it because his girlfriend of 3 years allows it. I wouldn't try to understand the reasoning behind it but I would be running for the hills and glad I didn't get caught up in that mess ..

I been in a situation like that when I was younger nd I didn't hold a candle to the girlfriend of 3-4 years. I was hurt VERY. But I had to leave it alone for my safety (of my heart). You are lucky to be pushed away than to be led on like I was. Then you would have fallen for someone who was unavailable in the first place. Which is no bueno

Hope that helps -x-

Yeah I guess;( who knows what the deal really was & yah good he left before but it really left me wondering & missing him but I wish him well on his relationship wish I would have known before he came up to me so I would have stayed away sooner.