My husband is interviewing for a new position at a new company while working at his current job. He stayed home from work yesterday and today. Yesterday was a holiday and they have a flexible work schedule. They choose their holidays that they actually take. He seems down, depressed, and angry. Is this normal for men when they're worried about work? He has also started going in to work later in the mornings. He told me he doesn't like going there anymore. He has a Master's Degree and works as an engineer. He has been moody and not very nice at all. He is picking on me.
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I am not an engineer but I worry about my work all the time. I make sure not to take it out on the ones I love. And sure as hell wouldn't be picking on my spouse. I would tell him what you have noticed and maybe him recognizing his treatment of you would change his demeanor towards you.

encourage him to be optimistic, that it will be well.

I think if anybody does not enjoy going to there place of work anymore must be depressing.And if that is really getting him down then maybe he is not resting well at night, so he probably feels trapped in the sense that he has his family to look after. I hope he finds a new job soon then I'm sure it will improve