What Should I Do

Well i had boyfriend we date all summer. but something happen to us. we we close and we end up not talking much. we live far away. and its just leted up has broke up and that just happen around xmas. so i feel so bad... but now i don't want it to bec we could of changes it.. and i felt like it the beginning that we in love. i still feel like we are. but i cant see him anymore he when to AZ for boot camp. and its makes me not wanting to sleep or even want to see anyone. i feel like hes my life. and its just when done hills .. i think i should just sign my self up because im want to see him so bad. and im not joking. its not puppy love like everything think it is. bec i love him more than anything. i will carried car for him if  i had to. but back what i was talking about. i found out about 1 month ago that he cheat on me. but the thing is weird about it that he wont lie to me.. and some girl told me this . i dont even know her. but he does. and she tried thats what he said . but he told her that his heart is with me. but im think im so in love him him that i would married him if i could. but hes leaving to the navy next year. he will be 18 . i want to stop him. because i love him i wont.

what should i do?

should i move there?

should i sign up in boot camp?

it is right to married him?


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18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010