Being Not Invited To Your Future Mother In Laws, Mothers Day Dinner...............

Hi Happy Mothers day to all mothers....

So I am engaged and I have vibes people on his end don't want us to get married.  EX: I called my fiances mother today said happy mothers day her response where has my son been.....We don't live together, but literally any down time we are together lol, we just don't live together because we are waiting to be married before we move. We are really close but there are issues that have been nagging and constantly having me feel terrible vibes. I will only write about this specifically but I really appreciate your help. Today is mothers day, we started the day off by going to church and then coming to my house. We ate lunch here with my mom and dad and just relaxed a bit, shared some quality time. After that my finance and I went to the cemetery to pray for my grandmother who passed in August, we lived together so we stopped there to pay a visit for mothers day. Finally we drove to his house and the plan was to be quality time with his mom, we entered and his grandmother and father are upstairs in separate rooms. We enter his grandmother's room first, she is incredibly happy to see me, she greets me with a hug and kiss. We leave her to continue to watch her cute cultural soap operas lol.
We are in the hall, my fiance opens his fathers room and they start speaking before I can say hello. He asks are we going out for dinner? His dad replied Yeah but you can't bring your fiance. We didn't make enough room, Sorry maybe next time. 


What am I supposed to be feeling here?  I thought as a couple, preparing for the sacrament of marriage we were supposed to act as a unit. Also keep in mind his brother plans to bring his girlfriend. 

Please help if you can
I really do not think she wants this marriage to happen. I have been waiting for the guest list for over 4 months....... :( And yes I am home now, while they are out. Am I being selfish... I try not to look at interracial aspect of being asian and European  but one starts to wonder why is the happiest moments in my life leading to my wedding seem like little shots are being taken at me..... why does his family keep saying go back home to meet a woman with money. I do not understand.

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May 13, 2012