I'm not sure why I'm writing on here, as I very rarely use these forums, but I suppose I just need to get this off my chest! I spoke to my grandma earlier (she's in her 80s), and she sounded really unwell. She's got lots of medical problems, but it's not worth going into detail as it's not a diagnosis I'm looking for. What I will say though is she told me she had a severe angina attack the other day, and has had 3 or 4 attacks in the last few weeks. She has been suffering from angina for quite a number of years now, but never has it affected her as much as it is now. I'm a medical student myself nearing the end of my degree course, so I'm fully aware of the seriousness of this situation. I live quite a long way from home now, and so I can't just go and see her. I spoke to my parents about this situation, and they were aware of it, but didn't seem to grasp how serious it is. She's made an appointment to see the doctor, but didn't tell them the reason for the appointment, and they've booked her in for Wednesday morning. The thing that's worrying me is that it's a long time to wait, and the next attack she has could be a heart attack, which would be potentially fatal. I just feel so helpless! All I can do is give advice over the phone! I personally want her to go to hospital today, which really she should have done after the most recent attack anyway. Problem is there is nothing I can do or say to convince her of that. I'm not a doctor yet, I realise that, but I know enough about this condition to know she needs to be seen urgently. I feel as though we're gambling with grandma's life to wait until Wednesday. I feel completely helpless to act, there's little else I can say or do. If she has a heart attack in the next few days I think it will tear me apart inside with the knowledge that I saw it coming, and that it may well have been preventable.

I doubt that much can be said about this, but feel free to reply. I just thought it would be helpful for me to off load my frustration a bit.

kangourou kangourou
22-25, M
May 1, 2010