Child Abuse

My step mom is a child abuser and today when I was in the shower I heard yelling I was legit shaking so hard I couldn't stand up as I walked out to go into my room my sister tells me what happend..I'm 15 and shared a phone with my 18 year old sister and of course we texted in school but we got yelled at last time we did it and we said we wouldn't do it again..bit I met this boy named chris at school and I wanted yo talk to him more so I txted during my social studies class and we finally got our cell phone bill today and my step mom blew up! My sister told me that our step mom through her across the room and slapped her and pushed her up the stairs screaming ..and now no ones really talking my step mom asked me if I had the phone during June (while I was in skool which I did have the phone at the time ) I said I didn't remember bc I was scared..she then gave me the papers showing the numbers of which we txted and the times and all that stuff and I saw that most of the numbers werenfrom chris (: which means my sister is in trouble bc of me...I need advice on what I should do
Jabbawockeez101 Jabbawockeez101
Jul 9, 2010