Help! Got Drunk And Lied!

I got very drunk and told some of my friends that another friend of ours had admitted he liked me. I told them lots of things that he said (which he didn't). I can't remember everything I said or who I said it to but I know its bad. Now we are all going out this week and I'm scared it will come up in conversation. What should I do? Is there anyway I can avoid this? Or what should I do if it comes up?
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Come clean & get it out of the way before the night out. Just admit that you said some things whilst you were drunk & as you cannot remember all the details, that they (your friends) shouldn't take any notice of what you said. That way, you get to save face & he (the guy) won't get mad when he finds out you've told a bare-faced lie. Tip for the future: don't drink so much that you lose control/don't remember stuff - it's dangerous.

...Be the first to bring it up...Just say omg i was soo drunk last time i don't even remember what i said..then laugh and deni deni deni

Just laugh it off. they probably will bring it up and laugh about it, it doesnt too serious

hey just say you were druck get over it,,people say stupid stuff all the time,,,no big deal,,it will be alright y'all are friends,,,and should cut you some slack,,Love and Light Mary