Input Quickly Please

I have received some disturbing text messages from an EP member. This person has also written a blog in the past few minutes saying "good bye"

Do you fine EPers think I should start calling high schools in this persons home town and try to reach a GC to intervene?

Time is of the essence.

Update-- I have spoken to this person on the phone and they is thinking more rationally and has spoken to the GC. A plan has been put in place to help this person through the next few difficult days.

This person appreciates the care and concern that has been shown and will come later to update the blog.

I want to add my personal thanks for the outpouring of support you gave me.



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Yay for good resolutions! And thanks for caring enough to intervene!

Not many people care about strangers especially over the internet. I admire your kindness in caring about this person's well being.

i think it's great you would go to that extent to make sure they are okay, not many people would do that

Thats really good to know!

thank God. and thank you for being there for her.

Please keep us posted. I am worried sick.

i really wish i had a magic wand (that works) at times like these.

at least now you know you've done what you could. (((prayers))))

The call has been made. The GC at one school is contacting the right is getting out right now so it is a touck and go thing. Prayers.

please update us when you get a chance. thinking and praying for both of you.

are you making calls now? i'm panicking a bit.

having done some detective work, i think i agree too.

IN this case YES!!!!!

um.......i don't know, not knowing what the messages said or how vulnerable the person is........what do you think you should do?