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Well my name is erika, and ever since i been in relationships they always cheated on me, or either they would just get with me to be next to my sister, cause everyone thinks she so pretty, hott, and everything you could think of, and i hate the fact that they always do that, it hurts me a lot that sometimes i even start hating her too. the next day the hating part will go away, put then again when it happens, i go back to hating her so much.
Now, i have a bf of two years, and i also been hearing he has cheated on me twice, but i dont know what to think, people say that someone who's been cheated in their past, they are most likely to be cheated on the future. now is that right?

Here's another thing, i know i have a bf, but i got this friend, well not anymore we kinda stop talking,  Well, him everytime we would be together, he would always be naming my sister for everything, he would be talking about her saying she's a hot milf, why is she with a guy like that. and whenever we would go out to the movies or something, he would always be like " hey you think your sister would wanna go with us, or I'll buy her the ticket. oh whenever we didnt have a ride, he would be like " hey call your sister to pick us up.

later on I told him, what was going on, that whatever his intentions were, to dont let it get to me, he got all mad and started denying everything, and when i see him,when im with her, he looks at her and smiles, and starts blushing. and it hurts me, i dont know why when i have a bf.
And whenever i meet new people, and they want to come over my house or something, I end up telling them a lye, telling them they can't, my dad would get mad, cause i feel if they do come over, all there gonna be talking is about her.

oh and ofcourse, there's my parents aswell ,I feel like they like her more than my older brothers and sisters, they bought her a car, they depend on her to much, whenever they need favors they go tell her, last time we were all talking and i start telling my dad i need my own car,  he comes up with, you dont need one, you dont even drive, and plus your okay taking the bus. like wtf are you serious!!, then he was telling my sister that he wanted her to deposit some money in the bank, she said she couldnt cause she haded to work, so me and my older sister were like, oh where going over there, just give us the money and will deposit it, he comes up with, no you guys are stupid and dumb and you guys are gonna mess everything up, no ill just wait for her to come back.

People please help me!!!! this is killing me.

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*gosh<br />
favoritism much.. >_<, i also feel like that sometimes..<br />
specially to my brother..idk y some girls like my bro, i mean like he's not handsome and he's a total playboy..(totally hating my bro), i always blackmail him to the girls that likes my bro :P, hehe<br />
i think u need to tell ur parents that ur sister is not their only wtf..y would they tell u that ur stupid and dumb and gonna mess things up??parents should support their children and not treating them that way..its totally bad that they have favoritism