My boyfriend had a crush on a girl who is supposed to like girls only. He admitted to me he made out with her and expects me to trust him with her now. They talk at least 30 min or more every day and I am now very insecure in this relationship. He says it's nothing, but he continues to be distant, won't talk to me, and now lies about talking with her. I don't know if I should believe him or kick him out. He used to have a good job and lost it and now expects me to take care of everything from the bills to the chores to him. What should I do? I want to trust him with this, but don't know how because of my insecurity.
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Kick him out he's using you there are many nice guys out there but he's not one of them he's using you. Your not insecure you know what to do

If he is lying to you then the trust in the relationship is lost. You can't have a relationship without trust. If he works REALLY hard to earn it back then give him another go, if not then maybe he doens't love you as much as you love him sorry.

It seems as if he's becoming increasingly dependent on you. So from a financial stand point you should kick him out. Relationship wise: If he wasn't hiding anything he wouldn't lie about talking to this girl and he did say that he had feelings for her so that's a red flag. He obviously isn't respecting you anymore so unfortunately the best thing for you to do is break up with him, before he hurst you and your esteem. That or get a lie detector test done on him.

If you need to get a lie detector test you already know you don't trust them find someone else

Well if he made out with her i would tell him if he does that again he is out and i think if u really look u can get a job and make him get a job and get off his butt and do chores. Thats my opinion

He made out with her break up with him period

The way he acts you shouldn't trust him, that's my opinion.

I don't mean to sound rude or anything but... it says you are a man and I'm guessing you're not homosexual because you're worried about your boyfriend kissing a girl... So I can only help and give advice if i know your situation better! (: Thank you and sorry!!

A relationship is a 2 way street and each has a responsibility to contribute to it...if you feel its out of balance and too far one way then the quicker you make the decision to change the less costly to you , financially, emotionally, mentally and physically...<br />
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You know what to do...:)

iknow beate here says to get him out of your life, and i sorta agree. but i mean come on it's not that easy.<br />
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the only advice i can say is "follow your gut" <br />
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i was in a situation very similar to the one (except for the whole lesbian thing ha) but i decided to trust the guy and not my gut and he ended up dumping me because he had been cheating on me for months. it brought me hell basically. so follow your heart. it may not feel like the right thing to do right now, but in the long run you will know you made the right desicion.