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It turns out my brothers ex is pregnant. He is only 19 and she wants an abortion! He has no capabilty of taking care of a child anyway. But shouldn't he have a say? And should he have to help pay for an abortion if he doesn't want it? I'm not sure how he feels. It all happened last night. Any adivce. I am very distraught about this. It hurts me immensely!
Aminik Aminik
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5 Responses Jan 9, 2008

The decision should definitely be taken mutually but in any case the lady's choice is given more preference, you say that your brother is 19 I am assuming his ex might have been the same age, taking as at that age every person is at a crossroad from the warmth of their homes into the real world, I think it is highly advised if you consider the option of abortion.

Payment for the abortion is really a very silly question to pose, because both of them were involved in the act that lead to the pregnancy so he should help out.

Hope you find a way! All the best.

This choice isn't up to you or you brother. It is up to your brother's ex to decide what to do with her baby. An abortion isn't nessacarily the best idea , have you ever suggested to your brother, adoption? It's another way to get rid of a child with a good cause knowing it'll have more opportunities in his/her life. I hope you and your brother the best (:

Of course I think he should voice his opinion but it is her decision in the long run. Do I think that he should help pay for the abortion?....First response, NO.....but i also know that though it doesn't seem fair, they both got each other into that situation and for her to ask him to help pay for the abortion is not that far fetched....So sad, I hope things get worked out.

An abortion is free in England that's why so many girls get pregnant here :(

Morally, he should have a say, but technically, it is her body, not his, and they aren't married. I'm not sure what he could do. But if she does decide to abort the child, it would only be fair of him to help pay for it IF he also agrees. Sad situation.