It Sucks When People Don't Comment

When People write on ep "I need advice" a large number of people read these stories and don't comment or give adivice. Only by leaving a comment or advice are you able to help others. Don't be afraid to leave advice Remember you can give advice it doesn't mean they have to take it.

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It's not important someone advises as often, there might be a number of things that might stand in the way of giving an advice, it's not if the person who asks for it doesn't follow it, I am sure no one is that ego-maniacal that they would want their advice to be followed without knowing so much as the situation a little deeper.
It's just that if their advice is followed and the person had to suffer way more due to than advice than otherwise. I think people who refrain from giving an advice are only nervous if their advice isn't that good to begin with.

true that! ;)

Lol.. :D

Perhaps sometimes the reader doesn't feel qualified to advise on that issue.

I give advice a lot more than i write experiences/confessions. I love it.

Not sure what kind of advise and about what the advise would have to do help me out and ill do my best to help too help you elk KAYDINS mom.

Makes perfect sense

True my friend. I'm new so I'm just learning what to say, but i'll do my best. :)

Yeah! You're right


i agree with you. just a simple "smile face" makes things better makes things better :)

You said it. I thought that this was the purpose of EP among other things.

Im sure the one of the main reasons for EP is support. It takes courage to post heartbreaking stories. People in really terrible situations, sometimes as a desperate last attempt, post here. Now its all in vein if nobody comments

The case might be that, that person cannot give advice because they can't help you even though they want to... ? (:

You are so right.

i read alot and dont comment, i think its cause im shy :x

You are probably right. But do not forget one thing though: people can ask to be advised through PM.<br />
I did several times. Nobody sees, so....<br />

Better silence that the advice alot would give. And some people either are unsure what advice to give or have no comment. Personally if I have nothing of value to add, I just shut the hell up.

That is very true. :P

You know, any kind of comment helps. Just a simple "I hope you figure it out" or "Damn that sucks" makes the writer feel better. When no one answers, then the writer might feel all alone and even more lost.

If I feel I can give good advice I will do my best. But if it's something that I've never experienced, I have a hard time putting myself in the persons shoes and telling them what I'd do.

I comment, hopefully, when I feel I have something useful to say. I try to refrain from commenting when what I might want to say would only be squashing or hurtful. I have no need to tell someone I think they're full of it. Mostly because it might be the 'pot calling the kettle black.'

Sometimes it is hard to think of a comment to leave, espcially if you cant relate to it or on the other extreme, feel so strongly about it that you would be 'putting yourself out there' for the usual criticism. For me, with my stories, even if someone doesnt have advice or suggestions to give I still really appreciate something along the lines of 'you have been heard'

Its hard for me sometimes because I can't really relate to what the people are going through.


Good point.