How Do I Deal With My Lying Friend? She Is Bringing Me Down So Much. I Really Don't Know What To Do

So I have this friend... We have been friends since first grade, but lately, I don't even want to be her friend. She is ruining my life, one tiny step at a time. She is a compulsive lier, and always has been, to the point where I don't believe a majority of the stuff she tells me ever. She also has self esteem issues regarding friends. If she ever finds out I am hanging out with a friend that is also her friend, she gets angry and makes up stories about me, so that friend doesn't want to hang out with me. For example: Me and this one girl were hanging out everyday one summer, and my lying friend was getting upset. So lying friend told my other friend that I told my father that other friend she doing drugs and that I called the cops on her. (which was a lie btw) Then my lying friend suggested to my other friend that everyone all gangs up on me and beats me up. My other friend believed my lying friend because my lying friend is a huge manipulator.... Luckily the beating up plan never came through....

And now I am in college... and of course my lying friend follows me. I wanted to make my own friends and stray away from her. But no. The only 3 friends I made at school so far are not my friends anymore. Because lying friend constantly hangs out with them, and refuses to invite me. I'm not sure if she is saying **** to them about me or what, but my other friends never hang out with me anymore either... Every time I call them or text them, they never respond.

Now what scares me a little about my lying friend is that she can talk people into believing anything she says. Her latest lie is that she is dating the famous Bo Burnham and is having a playwright made into a T.V. show... She has photoshopped pictures of Bo and her holding hands and everything on Facebook... AND THEY LOOK FAKE! I even found the originals of the photos for proof....

MY FRIENDS BELIEVE HER RIDICULOUS LIES! I feel bad..... should I tell my friends that this lying friend is a compulsive lier, and everything she says is a lie? Which would also possibly get my college friends back? Or should I just go to a different college and make new friends so she stops ruining my entire life? I am just so depressed that I am lonely. This girl is what is making me feel so sad... I really need some advice....

the newest update of lyingfriend:
All the statuses she writes on Facebook are from Bo Burnham's twitter updates. and she takes credit for them.
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2 Responses Sep 27, 2011

excuse the spelling...should ave read it bk first lol....xxxx

my daughterb is has been goin through exactly what u r babes.....she was bullied 2 the point i had 2 pull her out of school...she then met a girl who brought her confidence out in her which made out days but then this girl decides 2 do basically the same thing lied 2 people n made my daughter feel like absolute has just happened 4 the 3rd time in a yr but u no what? my even though my daughter has lost alot of people through this little witch she has finally stood her ground....why should u have 2 deal with her BULLYING?she will b found out babes n then u can sit with the control and choice of tellin her 2 do one when everyone finds out she's a flake!!...u deserve better than that hunni...if u wanna start again thyen so b it babes...its not runnin away its a new start with a chance 2 meet REAL people.....i hope u feel better in the end(i no u will)....UR SMILE IS UR WEAPON....=))...xxxxx