I Need Advice

I dont know where to start my mom is controlling my life and i have a daughter she tells me everyting i do wrong and how to raise her iwas told by her that she was going to take her away from me that i am stupid because i never graduate and i dont have a ged she said society thinks i am stupid she hates my boyfriend because he is native american my boyfriend and his sister said i can stay with them my mom is making me feel guilty i am always sick to my stomach with stress should i move or not
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4 Responses Oct 12, 2011

Gee, sounds like your mother does nothing but ridicule you. I had that happen to me my young life by my mother and father. It worked in reverse with me. I succeeded financially and socially. I only went to high school. Why are you sticking around? Do you need abuse in your life? RUN GIRL RUN AND GET YOUR OWN PLACE.

Is love that simple? Its a long story. My boyfriend and I met when we were having hard times and homeless living at the salvation army shelter. We saw each other for awhile and decided to get our own place. my mom tried to break us up from the begining because my boyfriend is native american. Now six years later my boyfriend and I are together but we live away from each other about 45 minutes away from each other. His sister and my boyfriend offered for me to stay with them. I would like to be closer to him and be there with him. When I tell my mom how I feel and what I want to do she calls him names and says raciest comments. She has even said things that are raciest to him in the same room. He is always there for me. My mom how ever was not my mom lost my sister and I to cps and decided she was not going to do what she wanted and didnt show up in court. Now she is trying to control my life and raise my daughter. I am seriously thinking of living with my boyfriend after my mom says raciest thongs to him with our 2 year old daughter in the room. I love my boyfriend very much He purposed four times. If you were in my shoes what would you do and why?

you dont say if your mom has always been controlling, if she was like it with you before your daughter came along. Sometimes people are afraid of losing those around them and try to undermine all the things they do so that they are still needed, could this be the case? Or your mom could just be the type of person who likes to see others not reach her standards, you will know which she is. But which one you think she is, remember she is your mom, and you love her, otherwise you would of just left, try asking her to help with the nice bits of been a grandma and if you compliment her she might d likewise, hope this helps, take care

Yes most definitely, move out today if you can. If she is controlling you and saying hurtful nasty things to you that is 'abuse' you shouldn't have to put up with it. I wish you all the best of luck.