I Love My Daughter

I want to thank everyone for the advice. I realize that I just gonna leave it alone and let her live her life. I decide what more important to me is my grand daughter the most adorable little girl I love with all my heart. I also have a son who in college in Florida. He also in the same stage what my daughter going thru her low life father of her child. The only thing he don't have no kids, thank god. Kids now day being in love is blind. So therefore I'm just gonna stand by and let them learn from there mistake. Hopefully oneday they realize that the person who they love is only using them. We us parents hurt when you see your kids going thru thing when they deserve better. Oh well good luck to my kids.
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i just read your first post
hmm good for you.
but ask your daughter time to time just to let her know or remind that you love and care about her still, same with your son and to man up.

hi sister dont worry everyting will be quiet fine. u hav a small granddaughter u take care of tht small kid who dont hav a good dad. so its ur responsiblity to take extra care on ur angel. let ur daughter and her hubi take time to realise their mistakes. god b on ur side.

Good on you

Well i wouldn't let him back in to your lifes again she needs to start a new life

so let her start a new life with u

while every one is pick up her responsiblity , she wont get it ,if shes old enough to produce a baby ,old enough to take on full rolls of every thing, but she won't change till she ready; no matter how many times you try to tell her she won't listen.You have to say to your self enough, and allow her to make these mistakes its the only way she will grow up.and at a young age they aren't ready, your probably a to conscencious mother and will do anythign for your child, but it hurts to stand back and let them hurt, but the hurt is what makes them strong and more resposnible to their roll as a parent,

You're a lovely father, how sweet and adorable you are. I salute you. I wish I had a father like you

If neither your daughter, or the 'baby-daddy' want to get college degree's and make sacrafices with goals......put him out like a D.O.G......I have 'ran-off' most of Clara's friends, she claims.....we will see who comes ,to her future graduations....I'm raising my 2 boy's, 11 & 15 WE don't want their babies, either. Education, Faith & Education.....get a job.....baby-daddy. Go To College or Serve Your Country.....not yourself. A-Dad in Az.

as a former high school Intervention/Crisis Counselor & father of a 17 & 18 year old.<br />
My oldest got pregnant & mis-carried @ 16.....I was 'torn' between loss & a damn 2 nd. Chance.....She graduated high school 2 1/2 months early w/ a 3.2 GPA after being 'locked-up & on 'house arrest' most of her 16 th year. She was behind nearly 2 full-semesters.<br />
<br />
Her mother & I are terrible ''co-parents''....Clara has always lived with me. There is light at the end of the tunnel.....it's a long-journey....They are our children....TAKE THE TIME. Put your foot on her back-side & be the Parent.

Let go mom! She's a big girl and needs to find her way and place in the world as you had to. When we enable we further cripple the chances of our kids learning to be responsible for their actions. The sooner they feel and recognize the pain they are inflicting on themselves, the better their chance for them living their best life. If your going to pay a price in life for anything, let it be for your own choices and mistakes, because that's all any of us can really handle. Often times "non-interference" is the key that unlocks the door to someones success. Love her and trust the path she's on will bring her to awareness of what isn't working in her life.

You have to let her dicide for her self just advice her and let her choose what she want so as the end of day when she get hurt you will not be resposible and wherever she dicede just wish her lucky cz u love her and i knw our parent loves us thats why they tell us what to do.

Surely there is nothing wrong with supporting her, and expecting her to contribute? Does your social security/court system not provide for some mechanism to encourage the father to help with the bills?<br />
<br />
See if you can form a partnership with your daughter to raise your grand daughter - let her know you care and are prepared to support her - providing she is either studying or looking for work (preferably both).<br />
<br />
I'm glad you've been able to maintain your relationship with both your daughter and grand-daughter - just please make sure it is healthy for your daughter - encourages her to grow and take responsibility as she can. Becoming independent is not an easy thing, made all the more difficult by the circumstances.<br />
<br />
Good fortune to you all!

well maybe if they could understand what your saying they would have been gone along time ago...but i think they will find anouther smuck to take care of them thats there track record