Im 15 And Want A Baby!

im 15 and want a baby really bad and i know what people will say. i have had my life experiences like drinking, going out for days and all that and i know the responsibillty and the hard work waking up at all hours needing time of school having no money but i have the support and i am getting a small job. i dont mind giving up going out all the time as i dont go out that much any way so if  you could give me nice advice and not be mean that will be great?
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if you don't mind me asking why do you want / feel that you want a baby? besides wanting to really wanting one.

prepare! if this is really the desire of your heart and not just a reaction to the severe parental neglect, abandonment, and rejection in this world... then prepare make a long term plan, so that you can be the best parent you can be. Get an education, even if its a traineeship so you are earning and working at the same time. Get your lifestyle in order, so you can have the discipline it takes. When you have enough structure behind you, go for it! pick a 'father' not a 'donor' and make sure your good friends. studies show that young mums often make it better in the workplace, and in life as they have had to work hard to get it right in their youth, compared to mums who bare their children at a more socially acceptable time of life. All this said i must continue that these are my personal thoughts, but God prefers children to be born into a stable, married home - and if this means something to you, to be pleasing to God and in his favor then live accordingly - His mercy is new every morning, and His favor is not hard to find - He loves you passionately! Good luck and God bless you..

Don't you want an intact family unit? You have to think of the baby and not just what you want. Why would you want to put a child through the situation of a broken home if it could be prevented? And I am a woman who wants nothing more in this world than to have a baby, so I understand the desire and feelings of longing for your own child. I will not have a baby though until the time is right, when I can financially take care of a baby. I want nothing but the best clothes, health insurance, schools, colleges for my child, I want the world at his/her finger tips, which cannot be provided until I can take care of myself a little bit better financially. Yes I can figure it out and get it done if I have a baby in 9 months, but why? I'll have to work most of the time and leave my baby with a sitter for 8 hrs a day, I dont want that I want to raise my own child. I want to be there everyday when my child wakes up, needs a nap, needs to be fed, needs to be put to sleep and everything in between. Volunteer at your local hospital/orphanage to hold/play with babies in your spare time, it will pacify you until you are ready for your own. And the best part, when you need to study for school to provide for your future children, you can pass the baby to the next volunteer, study, and come back the next day.

I agree with Lissa1331. Every parent wants to give the best to their children, and you can't give them the best if you don't have a decent job. You can't get a decent job if you don't finish school. Its just a fact. On top of that, because you are just 15, your body isn't done growing yet. It puts a lot of extra stress on you and the baby if you don't wait until you're done. It could potentially kill you, your child, or both of you. You should start doing the daycare thing. That will kind of help with the yearnings for your own.

I understand you want a baby, but you are only 15. Think of this WHEN you have a child you are going to want to give it the best life possible. You will want to buy s/he toy and lessons and all sort of stuff. You should really wait until you are done school. <br />
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I think what you should do is seeing if you can get a job or volunteer at a daycare; this way you will get some experience with small children/babies. And hopefully this will help with wanting a baby but show you that waiting is a good idea. <br />
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Please consider this idea, and wait. Children/babies are lots of hard work, time, money and patience. Maybe this will also help you with a career choice. Please wait.